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No Glass: Do not bring glass containers of any kind into the pool area. This is both a health and safety issue.

First Aid/CPR: Our pool staff is trained and equipped to handle a variety of first aid situations. Please find a staff member immediately if you are injured.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED): We have an AED and trained personnel on staff. If you suspect someone is suffering symptoms of a heart attack, alert a staff member immediately.

Clean Pool Water: Our pool chemical balance is carefully monitored and regulated. Please instruct your children to use restroom facilities prior to entering pool. Protective swimming undergarments must be worn by children who are not yet completely potty-trained. Notify staff immediately if there is any fecal discharge in either pool.

Confident Swimmers: Your children are safest at our pool when they are confident in their swimming abilities. Please do not leave any children unattended at the pool who are not strong swimmers and who have not passed our swimming test (a 25 yd. swim, unassisted). Only rising 5th graders, or children of at least 10 years of age, are allowed to be at the pool unsuper- vised regardless of swimming ability. See a lifeguard or pool manager to take this test.

Lifeguards: Please do not disturb the guards when they are in the stand. If you need assistance, please check with the manager on duty or the lifeguard stationed at check-in.

Emergency Notification Cards: We need your contact information, especially if you plan on leaving your children at our facilities unattended. Be sure to update this information annually and as the information changes.

Outside the pool: Injuries can occur on the basketball court, tennis courts, playground equipment and other areas of the club. These areas are NOT monitored as closely as the pool area. Please alert your children to the possible dangers. We also advise you to instruct them to stay away from the creek areas adjacent to our property and facilities.

Parking Lot Dangers: Drive carefully AND slowly on Orleans Place and in our parking lot. Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle rack and children are not permitted to ride in the parking lot.

Diaper Changing: For sanitary reasons, please no not use outdoor tables for changing diapers. Baby Changing stations are conveniently located in both the menís and ladiesí bathrooms. Please dispose of all changing materials in bathroom trash.


Pool Policies/Rules:

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