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  • NO GLASS! Glass of any kind is forbidden on the pool deck.
  • All members must check in at the pool entrance gate, sign in any guests and pay appropriate guest fees at that time. Members are expected to have their membship cards with them upon check-in or a suitable facsimile (image on your smart phone). This includes any member/child in attendance without a parent/guardian. If asked to produce proof of membership, all members over the age of 10 need to be able produce their membership card in some manner.
  • ALL guests must check-in at the guard shack. This includes guests on the basketball courts as well. Anyone unable to show proof of membership will be asked to leave the property. Multiple offenders will be banned from being on club grounds for any reason. Members with guests that have not checked in and paid guest fees will be asked to leave the pool with their guest and not return for 24 hours. Second offenses may incur a one-week ban. Please share this with your children.
  • The pool staff is responsible for maintaining order in pool area. Their instructions must be followed at all times.
  • Persons with open sores, wounds, skin infections and similar maladies may not enter the large pool or the wading pool.
  • Only regular, non-frayed swimming suits are allowed.
  • All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  • Hanging on the rope between the swimming and diving areas is not permitted.
  • During electrical storms everyone must vacate the pools and seek shelter. Detection of thunder and/or lightning will result in a 30-minute break. Normal pool activities will not resume until 30 minutes pass without thunder and/or lightning.
  • Use of obscene language is strictly prohibited on club property.
  • Gum, food, candy and drinks are restricted to the designated deck area and around the cabana area. They must never be taken into the pool.
  • Do not litter. Put all refuse in the trash and recycling in the appropriate containers.
  • Other than service animals, no pets of any kind may enter the pool enclosure, snack bar, clubhouse or tennis courts.
  • The management and pool staff will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any personal belongings.
  • Parents must supervise children in the baby wading pool. The wading pool is for children 5 years old and under only.
  • All children not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper in either pool.
  • At the discretion of pool staff, rising 5th graders and children over the age of 10, are allowed entrance to the pool unaccompanied by an adult (if permitted by their parents and emergency contact information is on file). The pool staff’s decision will be final in this matter.
  • Parents must instruct their children in the proper use of the pool, the proper use of the toilet facilities, and the difference between them.
  • A ten (10) minute break is provided each hour for the latter. Ten minute hourly breaks provide an adults-only swim time for experienced swimmers who are at least 16 years of age. Those under 16 must be away from the pool and are not allowed to sit on the edge.
  • Members will be held responsible for damages to club property done by themselves, members of their family and/or guests. Members will be charged for said damages.
  • The lifeguard stands are to be used exclusively by the lifeguards.
  • There will be no unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards while they are on duty.
  • If at any time the pool is in danger of becoming overcrowded, the lifeguards or pool management shall refuse further admittance to the pool until a safe number is achieved or additional lifeguards are posted.
  • Bicycle parking is allowed in bicycle rack ONLY. Bicycles parked any place other than the bike rack area will be moved to the bike rack. Please lock bicycles if you are worried about theft.
  • The use of hover boards, skateboards, scooters, etc. are not allowed on the pool deck.
  • No floats allowed in the pool unless approved by management. This includes "noodles."
  • Children's pool toys and balls may be used in the main pool at the discretion of management. Water guns or water shooting toys are not allowed unless prior permission is granted by management.
  • No dribbling, bouncing or basketball play on the pool deck (concrete, deck, cabana, etc.).
  • Personal Floatation Devices (i.e. life jackets, swimmies) are allowed on a child in the main pool only when a parent/guardian is present with the child in the water.
  • These rules have set by the club board of directors in order to ensure the safety and fun for all members and guest. All are expected to understand and follow these rules.


  • Diving into less than five (5) feet of water is never permitted.
  • Diving well use is restricted to those who can pass a test consisting of a 25-yard swim, unassisted.
  • One person at a time is permitted on the diving board and on the platform steps.
  • Each diver must wait for the preceding diver to surface and clear the area.
  • Only one bounce on the board per dive is permitted.
  • Diving from the side of the board is not permitted.
  • Only one person allowed on the slide at one time.
  • Swim directly to the side of the pool or to the rope after you dive.
  • Do not dive from the side of the pool when the diving boards are in use.
  • Playing on the ladders is not allowed.
  • No swimming in the diving area while the diving board is open for diving.
  • Lifeguard on duty can give permission for the diving well to be available for pool games.


  • Guests must always be accompanied by a club member.
  • In-Wake County guests must pay a $5 fee.
  • An individual may be a guest not more than once in any week and only five (5) times total during the summer.
  • Out-of-County guests are welcome without a fee at all times with no limitation on the number of visits per month.
  • A maximum of five guests per membership will be permitted at any one time without prior management approval. For six or more guests, members need to alert management so staffing changes can be addressed if needed.
  • Members are responsible for their guest’s knowledge of the pool rules.
    The Board of Directors encourages club members and their guests to use water wisely at the
    pool. Children should not use the showers to socialize or warm up. Our staff will be instructed
    to keep children from doing so. If your children shower at the pool, they should be supervised.
    If you see water being wasted, please contact pool management.


  • Individual members are allowed one guest at a time on the basketball and/or tennis courts.
  • The guest fee of $5 is applicable during the summer and guests must sign in at check-in upon their arrival.
  • Guests must be with a member while on the grounds. Guests cannot "wait for their friend" to arrive.
  • An individual may be a guest not more than once in any week and only five (5) times total during the summer.
  • Thursdays.


  • The tennis courts are for playing tennis only.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult to be on the tennis courts.
  • No candy, food, sodas, etc. are allowed on the courts.




Pool Policies/Rules:

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