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Registration for Summer Quads has begun.

Men's Quads play Saturday mornings May 14-Aug 27
Women's Quads play Sunday afternoons May 16-June 19

Email Quads Commissioners to register or for more information:

Women - Jolyne Wagner
Men - Roger Winstead

Cost for Men's Summer Quads is $30 for members and $45 for non-members
Subs play for free...

Cost for Women's Summer Quads is TBD
Subs play for free...



Men's Quads Guidelines:

Four (4) players on each court play one 8 game set with each player on the court. The player winning the most combined games over the 3 sets moves up a court for the next week and the player with the least amount of games moves down a court.

Cans of balls and court score sheets will be available each Saturday morning at the tables by the tennis bulletin board before the start of the first matches. If there is an overflow court at Eastgate, then the #1 seed at the Eastgate court is responsible for picking up balls and score sheet for that court from the QHSC courts.

Order of Play:
Round 1 - 1 & 2 vs 3 & 4
Round 2 - 1 & 3 vs 2 & 4
Round 3 - 1 & 4 vs 2 & 3

The time for the Quad is the time for the match to begin play. It is not the arrival time. If a match is scheduled for 8am, then players need to be on the court well before the start time, be warmed up and ready to begin play promptly at 8am. Getting matches started on time and finishing as closely to on time is a courtesy to everyone that plays the following matches.

Warm ups between matches are limited to five (5) minutes. Again, this is a courtesy.

If a court’s third quad has not started by 30 minutes before the time slot expires, players will play the remaining quad with no add scoring.* [ example - 6:30pm - No add after 7:30 ]

*This is not required for the last match or Eastgate matches.

At the end of your time slot, your court will be allowed to finish the game that they are playing but must stop once that game ends. If only 6 games are played, then just enter those 6 games on the scorecard.

The #1 seed on each court is responsible for emailing results to their Quads Commissioner as soon as possible so the next week’s schedule can be released in a timely fashion.

If mutually agreed upon by all four players, a Quad may change time/location if needed. Example: 9:30am Quad at QHSC wishes to play early due to scheduling conflicts, they can play 7am at Eastgate if they so choose. Please inform your Quads Commissioner of the change asap.

No one should be on tennis courts except for players during Quads. No children are allowed on court during play. This is a safety concern and a courtesy to other players. (It is also appreciated by all players if children refrain from calling out to parent player while play is under way.)

Everyone will be emailed the results along with the schedule for the following week no later than the following Monday afternoon.


Each player is responsible for finding his own sub. It is recommended that full-time players get a sub of equal ability to ensure all players have an enjoyable Quad. Please make every attempt to secure your own sub before sending out a mass email.

Full-time players can sub for another player as long the subbing does not conflict with the full-time player's own match.

If a player/sub fails to show up on time and cannot be contacted, the other three players may find a sub to complete the foursome and the full time player is automatically demoted a court for the next week.

Please make sure all subs know what court they're supposed to be playing on and are subbing for the correct player.

Subs cannot advance a player to a higher court. Subs can hold a regular players' position above other players or can move them a down a position - or even down to a lower court. In the event of a tie, full-time players receive the higher seed the next week. A sub cannot move a full-timer up a position or to a higher court no matter how many Quads he/she wins. Whomever has the lowest number of total wins on a court moves down to the next court - no matter who is playing (again, full-time players are seeded higher in the event of a tie with a sub, no matter the seed position).



While sub Brian has a total of 17 wins, Paul moves up to Court 1 the following week with 13 wins. Only having 7 wins, Alpesh drops down to Court 3. Joey will remain in the #3 position the next week and Marc will be #2. Subs cannot advance a player to a higher seed, no matter how many more wins they may have.



Subs Dave and Jerry win the most and least games respectively. Full-timer Alex moves up a court with 12 wins. Full-timer Robby drops down a court with only 10 wins by his sub, Jerry. The next week, Mark will be #2 and Jonathan will be #3. Sub Dave just holds the higher court position for Mark above Jonathan, not move him up.



Full-time players Jimmy and Mike both move courts. Jimmy goes up a court and Mike drops down a court. Sub Tony (for Andy) and full-timer Rick tie with 13 wins. While sub Tony plays in a higher position than full-timer Rick, Rick will move into the #2 spot the following week and Andy will be #3. Full-time players always get the better seeded position in the case of a tie with a sub.


Fall 2015 Men's Quads Court Rotation:



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