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Quail Hollow Swim & Tennis Club offers three types of full memberships: Solo, Duo and Trio+.

Club membership allows access to unlimited use of pool facilities during our summer season as well as year-round use of our tennis courts, clubhouse, playground and basketball court.

Additionally our members enjoy family, teen and adult social activities and tennis tournaments throughout the year. Membership also grants our members a discounted rate on the rental fee of the clubhouse.

For more information contact the Membership Chair or download the membership application. Please return the completed application (along with the $100 application fee) to the office by either dropping off in the door mail slot or you can mail it in to the address below.

PDF application here.




Three (3) or more people legally residing at the same address (see note below for details).
Any household with more than two full-time residents must be members under this designation.

Initiation Fee: $600.00 – or $300.00 a year for 2 years.

A $100.00 non-refundable application fee is required with completed membership application. This fee is credited towards the initiation fee.

Annual Dues: $724.00 – 4 payments of $181.00


Two (2) individuals living in the same residence.

Initiation Fee: $400.00

A $100.00 non-refundable application fee is required with completed membership application. This fee is credited towards the initiation fee.

Annual Dues: $472.00 – 4 payments of $118.00


One (1) adult over the age of 21, with no children.

Initiation Fee: $350.00

A $100.00 non-refundable application fee is required with completed membership application. This fee is credited towards the initiation fee.

Annual Dues: $392.00 – 4 payments of $98.00

Annual dues pay for the day-to-day operations of the club. Every member of QHSC is an owner of the club. The payment of initiation fees is an applicant's "buy-in" of ownership. Initiation fees predominantly figure into the club's capital budget which ensures the club's core infrastrure remains solid and club growth remains unemcumbered. Buying into the club by paying an initiation fee means QHSC members are owners - while those just paying dues at some other pools means their members are only renting time and that's not much different than joining a gym or buying a pass to a municipal pool. QHSC members take pride in their club by being dedicated to its continued safety and success through their ownership stake in everything at 800 Orleans Place.



The first of four monthly dues payments must be made by January 31 of each year. Failure to make payment on time each month will result in a $15 late fee. Any and all late fees must be paid before member can recieve membership card prior to opening day of the pool.

All dues must be paid in full prior to opening day for returning members to have access to the pool. Failure to make payment or discuss payment options with management within 30 days of the pool opening may result in loss of membership and payment of full initiation fee in order to rejoin if membership is nullified due to lack of payment.

After 15 years of membership, those in good standing will receive a discount on their annual dues and acquire "legacy" status. 
Legacy status is based on total number of years as a member. If a member has been at QHSC for 10 years continously, then leave for 5 years, they will received credit for the previous 10 years and subsequent years will be added onto the original 10. They will not receive credit for the time they were away.

20% Senior Citizen Discount on dues for those that qualify – age 60 and up – and cannot be combined with any other offer. This discount can only be used with Duo and Solo memberships.

Former members in good standing may apply for membership and rejoin upon board approval and a modified initation payment set by the board based on their prior membership legacy status. Former members who left the club owing dues/fees must satisify their previous financial obligations to QHSC prior to applying to rejoin. Their return to the club as members must be approved by the board and they will pay a full initation fee as a new member.

For guests not wanting to pay excessive guest fees while participating in club clinics or USTA/WTT league play, QHSC offers the Tennis Administrative Access Fee (TAAF) which allows them to be active with club tennis without a full membership while contributing financially to the tennis budget. TAAF participants can be adults or minors (with parental consent). TAAF is valid for only one person and does not include family members. TAAF covers tennis only and does not include use of the pool, basketball, clubhouse or social activities. The cost for TAAF is $180 a year, payable in January. Monthly TAAF fees are $25 per month and payable by the 5th day of each month. Please contact tennis co-chair Wendy Roberts for more information or to sign up.



*Membership designations are based entirely on residential street address and the number of residents legally living in the domicile on a full-time, year-round basis. Anyone living outside of the home during the majority of the calendar year (not summer pool season) and over the age of 18 will not be included as a “full-time” resident of the home unless lead member chooses for this person to remain as a member and as long as they have permanent residency at the same member address. Any person with a full-time residence within Wake County cannot be considered a resident of the membership domicile and must have a membership of their own if they want to retain membership.


Membership Application


Membership Application


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